Digital Smile Design (DSD) In Cape Town

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is an astoundingly innovative conceptual tool that we use to craft gorgeous smiles. The DSD helps us to accurately plan the outcome before the procedure; so you can see the projected result.

The consultation takes less than an hour, and our clinicians take both pictures and video of the entire face to analyze the smile. An impression of the teeth is also made.

This is a great co-designing method that takes your expectations and feedback into account to produce phenomenal results with no last-minute surprises.

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design is a way for us to work together with our patients to find the best option for them to achieve the most beautiful natural-looking smile they desire.

Considered the most modern, patient-centered design approach available, Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a state-of-the-art treatment planning solution and innovative conceptual tool used to craft distinctly beautiful smiles. This specialized aesthetic dental procedure takes your smile, dental structure, unique facial features, proportions and desired expectations into consideration to plan and produce a realistic and tangible representation of your new smile.

Digital Smile Design not only gives you the opportunity to see what your smile will look like before having your treatment done, but ensures that you are 100% informed, comfortable, and included in every step of the process. DSD, in essence, allows you to become the co-creator of your new smile.

Digital Smile Design can be used to plan for a wide range of dental treatments and procedures, from minimal cosmetic dentistry to full mouth rehabilitation.

Benefits of Digital Smile Design Technology?

Digital Smile Design has revolutionised aesthetic dental treatment. Most people don’t want a smile, they want their smile – and Digital Smile Design Cape Town gives them their own, tailor-made smile. Even better, they get to work with their dentist to create it.

There are several benefits to the Digital Smile Design concept, some of which include:

  • Digital Smile Design technology is a consistent way of producing excellent results. This gives patients confidence and peace of mind that their desired outcome will be achieved.
  • It provides a systematic approach for diagnosis, communication, treatment planning, execution, and case maintenance.
  • Digital Smile Design allows for a high level of clinical quality control, minimizing the potential for errors.
  • It gives patients the opportunity to see exactly what they will look like beforethey commit to or undergo any dental treatments or procedures. This is especially useful in cases where the dental restoration process is likely to be extensive and costly.
  • While most dental procedures focus solely on your teeth, Digital Smile Design focusses on your entire dental structure and unique facial features and proportions to ensure the most beautiful, natural looking smile is achieved.
  • It enables dentists to give recommendations based on your individual needs as well as grants them the freedom to explore a wide variety of treatment options within a short period of time to find the one that’s best suited to you.
  • The Digital Smile Design process is a great co-designing method that allows for a high level of patient involvement and feedback to produce phenomenal results with no last-minute surprises.

How does Digital Smile Design work?

The Digital Smile Design process consists of five primary steps:

  • Step 1: Digital photography & videography

During your initial consultation we will take a series of high-quality photographs and videos of your smile, teeth, and face from various angles. This provides us with valuable information when designing your new smile,

By using your face as a guide, we are able to identify the ideal relationship between your unique facial features and your teeth, gums, lips, and smile,ensuring that the most natural looking smile is achieved. The videos further allow us to observe these structures and features in motion (how you move your mouth when you talk, laugh, smile, eat etc) as well as how they change with emotion. Giving us the whole picture when designing your new smile.

We will also take a dental impression of the existing state of your teeth, as well as review the current condition of your teeth to determine the best options available to you to achieve your desired outcome.

  • Step 2: 2D and 3D Planning

From your 3D digital dental profile (photos and videos) we will use specific software programs to create 2D designs of your new smile. The software allows for the reshaping, re-colouring, and addition of missing teeth. This will help us determine the size, length, colour, and width of your new teeth in relation to your unique facial features.

  • Step 3: 3D Model

From the 2D design we create your facially guided smile design 3D model. The 3D model is a custom-made mock-up made from wax material which is built up by hand on a plaster model according to the specifications obtained from the 2D design.

  • Step 4: The Prototype

A 3D model prototype will then be created. This 3D model prototype allows you to ‘test drive’ your new potential smile and get a realistic feel prior to treatment commencing. It also gives you the opportunity to assess the overall appearance and fit as well as identify any changes that need to be made before the final product.

The prototype will be placed on your teeth with a temporary material that can easily be removed. It will remain in place until the final step.

  • Step 5: Final fit & start of treatment

If you are happy with everything, the prototype will be removed, and your teeth will be prepared. The final step of the process is to execute the custom-designed smile we created.

*The Digital Smile Design process won’t always involve all the above-mentioned steps. It is highly dependent on the severity and extent of the dental work required on your teeth.

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How much does Digital Smile Design cost in Cape Town?

The total cost of Digital Smile Design can vary significantly as every treatment plan is personalised to each individual patient. As the Digital Smile Design process involves meticulous planning prior to any treatment being performed, we are able to identify how long the process will take and what it will entail before you commit to anything. This will enable us to give you a detailed breakdown of the costs involved, depending on the treatments and procedures you require.

The beauty of using this approach is that Digital Smile Design can re-design your smile by means of various dental treatments, whether it be dental veneers, crowns, bridges, dental implants, fixed dentures, or Invisalign braces (to mention just a few). Once your new smile has been mapped out, the costs for these dental treatments in Cape Town can be calculated in advance, giving you a clear picture and estimate of what you can expect.

How long is the initial consultation?

The initial consultation will typically take less than an hour, during which our clinicians will take both photographs and videos of your entire face and dental structure. An impression of your teeth is also made.

It is important to note that the duration of the initial consultation will vary from one patient to the next based on their individual needs and requirements. Every consultation is tailored to each individual patient. This will enable us to conduct a thorough and in-depth analysis and address any questions and concerns you may have.

Is the Digital Smile Design process painful?

Digital Smile Design is not known to be a painful process. Most individuals who have experienced the process describe it as feeling more like a photoshoot rather than a dental appointment. There are no injections or drills involved in your initial consultation.

As with all the dental treatments and procedures we perform at Ratan & Singh, your comfort is our top priority. We will do everything we can to ensure that the process is as seamless and comfortable as possible, as well as provide feedback to any concerns or questions you may have before, during and after the treatment.

What can Digital Smile Design be used for?

The following dental issues and treatments can be planned out and addressed using the Digital Smile Design concept at our practice in Gardens, Cape Town:

  • Dental stains and discolouration
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Ageing or damaged dental work
  • Chipped, cracked, or broken teeth
  • A “gummy smile” or an uneven gum line
  • Narrow smile
  • Short or worn teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • The need for veneers, crowns, bridges, dental implants, fixed dentures, or braces (to mention a few).