Dr Nivedna Singh

With a rich dental heritage, Dr Nivedna Singh grew up watching her father transform smiles. This fueled her passion for dentistry as she watched his ecstatic patients regain the beauty and function of their teeth. While she is an experienced and accomplished dentist in her own right, she continues to learn from her father to this day.

Dr Singh began her illustrious career at the prestigious University of Stellenbosch in Cape Town, South Africa. She qualified with her Bachelor degree of Dental Surgery (University of Stellenbosch/ University of the Western Cape), before moving on to complete her Master’s Degree in Laser Dentistry at the University of Aachen in Germany.

Dr Singh firmly believes that continuous learning is vital to patient care, which is why she has completed various Aesthetic and Endodontic courses throughout her career – including botox and filler courses, rendering her a registered practitioner for these cosmetic treatments as well.

She is one of the very few dentists in the country who offers dual laser therapy for root canal treatment, and she has a special interest in dental technology and how advancements can be used to continuously improve techniques and outcomes.

With more than a decade of accumulated experience in Laser, Restorative, Preventative and Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr Singh strives to give her patients the best possible service and care in a comfortable, sophisticated setting.


Bachelor of Dental Surgery
(The University of Stellenbosch)

Master’s Degree in Laser Dentistry
(The University of Aachen in Germany)

International LSO ( Laser Safety Officer)

Accredited Botox and Filler injector