Dental Technology | Advanced Dentistry

Leica Microscope

The components of a tooth are minuscule, and often hide the telltale signs of disease or damage within. For dentists, being able to pick up on the smallest details is a great advantage – it means that we can identify and treat problems as they arise, long before they cause damage or pain.

The Leica Dental Microscope features world-renowned optics and crystal-clear visual technology – which means that you get more accurate diagnosis and more effective treatment plans.

Waterlase Laser Dentistry

Waterlase dentistry is one of the most advanced dental treatments available.

It uses a patented technology which combines focused light energy with a stream of water for a highly precise experience.

Waterlase allows dentists to perform a wide range of procedures, including treating your gums, other soft tissues in your mouth and cavities. The benefits of Waterlase are reduced pain, less trauma, more comfort, and less usage of anaesthetic for most procedures.

Treatment can also be completed much faster, eliminating the need for referrals and specialist visits in many cases.

Diode Laser

Laser technology is one of the latest advances in dentistry. The Diode laser delivers energy in the form of a high-powered light. Depending on the intended outcome, this energy moves at different wavelengths before it is absorbed or reflected by a “target.”

In dentistry, these targets are usually enamel, decay, or gum tissue. Each one absorbs a specific wavelength of light while reflecting others.

In many cases, we don’t need to apply local anaesthesia. Unlike with dental drills, with laser dentistry, there is no heat or vibration, making the procedure quite comfortable for most patients.

For soft-tissue procedures, it eliminates the need for suturing, and healing is much faster. Diode lasers are safe and effective for treating both children and adults.

Painless Injections

When it comes to dental visits, we understand that you may feel some anxiety, so we’ve tailored our practice to meet your specific needs. Our advanced practice is proud to offer the Wand, making your dental experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Many types of dental treatments rely on anaesthetic injections. If you’re not comfortable receiving dental injections, it may affect your treatment. The Wand is a computer-controlled dental-injection anaesthesia system. It is the most effective way to numb an area because of its slow, steady delivery of anaesthetic. This also means a lot less discomfort, because the sting from an injection usually comes from the solution being delivered too quickly. You can be reassured that at our dental studio, your comfort is our top priority.


Thanks to tremendous advances in dental technology, dental prostheses can be created and fitted in a single visit using CAD/CAM technology known as CEREC. CEREC stands for “Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics” and can be used to simplify dental procedures like crowns, implants, and bridges.

The benefits are spectacular:

  • One Visit
  • No Impressions
  • No Temporaries
  • Metal-Free
  • Highly Aesthetic
  • Long-Lasting

CEREC has made dental procedures more accessible, faster and more comfortable for patients.

Rextar X-Ray

The Rextar Handheld Xray Unit is a convenient and efficient device for digital imaging. To take a conventional dental X-ray, dentists have to position devices and place either sensors or film in the patients’ mouth. Due to the weight, function and distribution of buttons, conventional X-ray equipment should be handled by both hands, which makes it difficult to manoeuvre and manage.

The Rextar devices have been designed with patients in mind. It is compact in size and light-weight, so we can be sure to get the best possible x-rays without repeated exposure.

Intraoral Camera

Beyond our capability to provide modern, digital imaging, our patients can further benefit from our use of intraoral cameras.

Cutting-edge intraoral camera technology allows us to visually examine your entire mouth using a small, hand-held device.

The camera immediately projects sharp, high-resolution images of your mouth onto a screen for you to view. Not only does this help our dentists with diagnostics and treatment, but it also enables patients to understand their oral health issues better.

Intraoral cameras are just one way we invest in the health and satisfaction of our patients. Ratan and Singh Dental Studio is a state-of-the-art dental practice that offers modern dentistry with personalized care. While our instruments and equipment are advanced technology, we never sacrifice our attentive and caring approach with our patients.

Intraoral Camera

Imagining is essential for dentists, which is why we’ve invested in the best possible x-ray equipment. 3D imaging has many benefits. Be it overlaid teeth, unexpected nerve channel paths, concealed roots, or temporomandibular joint anomalies. The value 3D images provide in diagnostics is immeasurable.

Our particular unit has revolutionary technology and patented positioning solutions, which translates to more comfortable patient experience and more precise diagnoses. Hence, you get treatments more tailored to your specific concern.

Star Pen Dental Anaesthesia

Woodpecker Star Pen is an electronic anesthesia delivery syringe system to increase patient comfort during dental injections. It has an ergonomic and lightweight design for ease of use and hold.